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My Philosophy

In life and our relationships, we often develop patterns that can keep us stuck in playing the same role over and over again. We are unaware of the part we play and may find ourselves saying some of the following phrases:

-I'm not good enough

-Things never work out for me

-I'm always second choice

-I can't trust anyone

-I'm never gonna be happy

-Why does this always happen

-I give so much and never get anything in return

These phrases may be part of a story you have developed over time, and may have played out in childhood and even been a helpful survival skill at the time. However, those ways of acting and reacting may not be serving you well now. In fact, the rules and narrative your are now living by could be the major cause of your distress and current frustration.

Therapy is a great way to explore the way you process your world and discover how to see and do things in a healthier and more meaningful way. Why? Because when you intentionaly live a life that matches your highest values, you will find your greatest joy and success!

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