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Couples Therapy

Couples wait an average of six years of being unhappy before getting help.   

                                       -John Gottman

Couple by the Beach
Holding Hands

A few reasons to seek couples therapy:       

  • Struggle with communication

  • Experience a lack of physical and emotional intimacy

  • Feel you’re not a priority to your partner  

  • Feel lonely/bored/unsatisfied in your relationship

  • Feel you’ll never be enough to make partner happy

  • Become easily reactive over small stuff

  • Low sexual desire or concerns

  • Feel numb and disconnected from your partner

  • Feel unseen/unheard/unloved by partner

  • Avoid certain topics with your partner

  • Feel you and your partner are too different

  • Feel unappreciated/disrespected in relationship

  • Infidelity/betrayal

  • Threats or feelings of breaking up or divorce

  • Feel you’re no longer in love

  • Worry you’ve made a mistake choosing your partner

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