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Stressed Woman

Here are some signs that worry might be problematic in your life:

  • You are chronically on alert and thinking about potential future dangers or threats

  • You are consistently making negative predictions about the future

  • You tend to overestimate the likelihood that something bad will happen

  • You repeat worried thoughts over and over again in your head

Anxiety can be a healthy response to life's challenges, but constant and unresolved anxiety is unhealthy and can become problematic and interfere with your relationships and daily functioning. 

How can I tell if my anxiety is normal?

Anxiety becomes a problem when it is overwhelming and causes significant change to your lifestyle or relationships. An anxiety disorder can keep a person from coping with life’s ups and downs and make a person feel anxious most of the time, sometimes without any identifiable cause.


If this sounds like your current experience with anxiety, perhapsit’s time to change your relationship with anxiety by altering your perspective to anxiety. Seeking professional care for your anxiety can provide hope and clarity on how to best navigate it.

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